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This is a free online book developed by Dr. David Turner of California State University San Bernardino and Dr. Jinseok Chae of University of Incheon. The purpose of the book is to introduce students to web application development in Java with the use of Eclipse. The book assumes a familiarity with HTML and the Java programming language.

The book is in cookbook format in that it provides instructions on how to construct solutions to various problems. The intent is to show students how to accomplish typical Web development tasks in the Java language. In later chapters of the book, detailed instructions are omitted if they duplicate instructions in an earlier chapter. This assumes the student can recall or refer back to the previous instructions. Unguided exercises are also provided so that students can apply what they have covered in the main text.

The book omits many details and explanations. For these, the reader will need to consult online documentation or search the Web for other tutorials and articles. Many chapters contain a list of references that the reader may find useful for filling in these missing details.

How to Read This Book

This is an active book in the sense that the reader is expected to carry out the procedures described. The code examples provided in each chapter are not self-contained; they need to be developed by progressing sequentially through the chapters.

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