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Tong Lai Yu
Project, due 3/19/2019 (Tue)

  • 5-page single-spaced report of your project :
  • One report per group
  • Title
  • Objective
  • Abstract -- summarizes what features your package has, highlights the essentials, what functions or special features of Opengl have you used in your application to achieve the goals and effects
  • Introduction -- background, significance of your work
  • Your software package -- describe your program, highlights some significant codes, explain how they work, principles, mechanisms, theories
  • The interface -- describes briefly how to use your package and what users expect to see ( includes a couple of screen captures )
  • Conclusions -- what have you learned, how can one improve upon your work, forward looking ....
  • References
  • Put down your name and your partner's name but do NOT put down any student id.
  • Total 50 points

  • Choose your name:
    Enter your student id (xxxxxxxxx):