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Tong Lai Yu
Homework 3, due 3/6/2019 ( Wed ), 11:00 am

  1. ( 20 points ) Write a program that uses texture techniques to paste 6 different images on the 6 faces of a cube . The cube rotates and changes size from time to time.

  2. ( 20 points ) Use blender to create a 3D 'human' graphics object with the following approximations:
  3. Head -- sphere
  4. body -- rectangular box
  5. upper arm -- rectangular box
  6. lower arm -- rectangular box
  7. hand -- sphere
  8. upper leg -- rectangular box
  9. lower leg -- rectangular box
  10. foot -- sphere
  11. List clearly each step of your creation (e.g. what menu steps you need to click to create a box .. ). Give intermediate screenshots that show both the blender menu and the object in the creation process.

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