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Tong Lai Yu
Homework 1, due 2/4/2019 ( Mon ), 11 am

  1. ( 10 points )Write a shader program that animates the morphing of Figure 'A' to Figure 'B' and back.

  2. ( 10 points ) Write a shader program that animates the rotation of a square about the z-axis.

  3. ( 20 points )Write a vertex shader program that will bounce a sphere whose initial velocity and position are provided by the application program.
    Hint: You can use the reflect() function to compute the new direction of the ball after it hits the floor. Best if its vertical speed could be reduced by a constant value, the coefficient of restitutions, each time that it hits the floor.

  4. ( 20 points ) Approximate the shape of America by a polygon. Find from the Internet or other sources the weather of America. Write a shader program to show briefly America's weather distribution in the winter with green color indicating a warm area, and white indicating cold; areas with temperature between hot and cold is indicated by a mixture of green and white.

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