Tong Lai Yu, Ph.D.

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  • Project contest:
    1. Submission (before 3/19/19, Tue, 11 am )
    2. Project presentation on last day of class
    3. A project has to be presented by both members of each group.
    4. Presentation time for each project: 15 min.
    5. Source code must be availalbe, compilable and runnable in a machine in JB 359.
    6. The project is to develop a 3D graphics application. The application should involve 3D graphics modeling and animation written with OpenGL Shading Language (glsl). In the 10th week, each group must make a presentation, a complete demo and turn in a soft-copy of the source code which is ready for compilation and checking. They should also turn in a single-space 4-page report of their project right after the presentation. All demo and programs must work in the Linux environment of JB 359. A significant number of points will be taken off for any late work.
    7. Each project is rated independently and equally by all audience, including visitors and the instructor.
    8. Prize:
      • First place: 2 Extra Credit points / member
      • Second place: 1 Extra Credit point / member
    9. Rating

  • Final Exam on March 20, 2019 (Wed)
  • Time: 12:00 - 1:40 pm
  • Place: JB 359
  • Final Part I
  • Final Part II, (Need to write a glsl program and make demos to the instructor.)
    • Two reference sheets; prepare a glsl program template
    • Review your homework.
    • Review your quizzes.
    • Review all your notes.
    • Review the labs.
    • Study your text.
    • Need to write programs (especially glsl) and compile them during the exam.

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