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Lacuna Reaver is a 2D, single-player Role-Playing Game created by a team of 36 students working with computer science professors David Turner and Arturo Concepcion at California State University San Bernardino. It emulates the style of feel of retro RPG's such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest, while bringing new elements to the table through a unique battle system and modern art style. The game is free to play.
Production of Lacuna Reaver started in April 2011, with its beginnings as a class project for a game programming class. Since then, it has been the focus of two classes, and team members have come and gone, contributing art and code to the game.
Coded in the C# language using XNA, Lacuna Reaver was built from the ground up for the PC platform. The game's engine and infrastructure is entirely the work of our team, as well as all art and sound found in the game. The game is roughly 25 hours in length, with 15 large environments, an expansive world map, and 5 towns to explore and receive quests from.
The original soundtrack for the game, composed by student Michael Swedo, is available for listening / download at his BandCamp page.
This project was supported by the National Science Foundation CPath program under the title Revitalizing Computing Education through Community-Based Video Game Development Projects (NSF award number 0938964). The copyright to this game is held by the University Enterpises Corporation at CSUSB.
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