The rules of a new game called Fastball:

  1. Similar to soccer and played on a soccer field.
  2. 11 v. 11 players.
  3. No hand-ball rule. You could use both your feet and hands to kick/hit/dribble the ball, but you cannot hold the ball. This is similar to Basketball. No travel. It's so un-natural not to use your hands!
  4. So no goal keeper. All 11 players can use their hands to block the ball from going into goal.
  5. You may use your head, but why? You can use your hand and nobody likes concussions!
  6. No offside. Think how many more goals you see!
  7. "Throw-ins" can be done single handed or kicked in.
  8. Unlimited substitutions. Similar to Football.
  9. Each team can dress up 20 players, but only 11 players play at a time. Subs can stand by the sidelines. Substitutions can happen when the play is dead.
  10. A team with more than 11 players on the field is charged a penalty.
  11. Corner kick is still there.
  12. Penalty kick is still there. A foul or travel in the penalty box by a defender is a penalty. Travel anywhere else is a foul.
  13. Three referees on the field. No linesmen necessary.
  14. Goal kick is still there, but there is no punt. Remember, there is no goal keeper to hold the ball and punt it.
  15. Absolutely no fake injuries! No simulated dives! Play like you mean it, like Football players!
So who wants to form the International Federation of Fastball and be the first commissioner?!!