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Tue Sep 18 15:26:37 PDT 2007


    Syntax and Semantics for PHP

      This page was created by Paul Conrad as part of his Graduate Independent Study (CSCI695) of the syntax and semantics of the PHP language.


      With the increased usage of PHP as a programming language for server-side programming, this series of webpages was designed to aid computer scientist with a quick reference to the semantics and syntax of this evolving programming language.


      The webpages containing the semantics and syntax of PHP are based on the definitions of PHP 4 in Programming PHP (O'Reilly). Since PHP is a quickly evolving language, these set of web pages are going to be based on PHP 4 which is currently being used in production environments.

      PHP Syntax and Semantics Links

      For PHP syntax go to [ php.syntax.html ]

      For PHP semantics go to [ php.semantics.html ]

      For PHP terms and keyword glossary go to [ php.glossary.html ]

      For miscellaneous PHP information go to [ php.misc.html ]

      For PHP code samples go to [ php.samples.html ]

      References and Links

      1. Programming PHP, Lerdorf, Tatroe, et al., O'Reilly, March 2002 [ http://www.oreilly.com/ ]
      2. PHP Pocket Reference 2nd Edition, Lerdorf, O'Reilly, November 2002
      3. PHP website, March 2005 [ http://www.php.net/ ]

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