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    Ada 95 Pointers

    Definition and Rationale

    stt@spock.camb.inmet.com (Tucker Taft), Intermetrics, Inc. Anonymous FTP to sw-eng.falls-church.va.us, in subdirectory //public/adaic/docs/standard/95lrm_rat/v6.0. Click here //sw-eng.falls-church.va.us/public/adaic/docs/standard/95lrm_rat/v6.0 and you will find the full Ada 95 reference manual and rationale.

    If you prefer browsing, try: [ http://lglwww.epfl.ch/Ada/ ] which has the full Ada 95 reference manual on-line in hypertext format and is in Europe.




    For basic data types see [ ada-software.html ] The Ada paublic labrary is at [ pal.html ] and [ pal.html ]


    For all sorts of interesting Ada95 tidbits, run the command: "finger dweller@starbase.neosoft.com | more" [ finger?dweller@starbase.neosoft.com ] (or e-mail dweller@starbase.neosoft.com with "finger" as subj.)


Formulae and Definitions in Alphabetical Order