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Mon Jun 14 08:11:15 PDT 2004 index.mth
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    CSci620 Programming Language Theory

      Mon Jun 14 07:56:35 PDT 2004 Finals graded and course grades posted

      In [ ] you will find the scores for the final examination. The best score was a C and the average an F. The questions on LISP were worst.

      I place an emergency rescaling rule in my syllabus [ syllabus.htm ] (under Grading) for when nobody in the class gets an A.

      Before rescaling the best grade was a B. After rescaling, this distribution emerged:
      If you can detect any errors I will change these.

      Mon Jun 7 19:44:07 PDT 2004 All Papers have been graded

      See [ ] -- most points where lost by not giving references and not distinguishing copied material from invented material.

      Fri Jun 4 08:38:56 PDT 2004 Errors corrected in Grades

      Thanks to the the people who spotted them [ ] is now closer to being correct. I'm still working on grading the papers (and MS projects + preping finals).

      Thu Jun 3 14:03:03 PDT 2004 Presentation Grades posted

      Grades for report will be posted as soon as I can get them done... Tomorrow perhaps.

      Wed Jun 2 16:51:00 PDT 2004 Update to Minsky programming language

      The Minsky language [ Minsky.html ] will be playing an importent part in the final -- several questions. You will be given a description (based loosely on chapters 2 and 3) in the presentation tomorrow.

      Fri May 28 11:34:42 PDT 2004 More Info on Final

      I've got [ final.pdf ] the first steps toward the final online. It has objectives not questions. The instructions and format are close to the finished article. Use this and the [ lookup.php ] search feature to help your preparation for the final.

      Thu May 27 16:09:36 PDT 2004 GRades and notes posted plus presentations

      See [ ] (grades), [ 18.html ] (notes) and [ 19.html ] [ 20.html ] (presentations).

      Wed May 26 17:15:48 PDT 2004 New information on the final posted

      See [ final.html ] for my notes on the final.

      Tue May 25 15:37:45 PDT 2004 Grades and notes done

      Check out [ 17.html ] the notes on today's class and [ 18.html ] notes on the next class.

      Thu May 20 17:34:51 PDT 2004 Grades and notes ready

      Grades are at [ ] and the notes at [ 16.html ]

      The next class is [ 17.html ] (Prolog, May 25). Make sure you prepare the text book reading and the [ Prolog.html ] handout. Also see the new notes [ projects.html ] on the report and presentation you will be preparing.

      Wed May 19 14:20:24 PDT 2004 More class outlines published

      I have published outlines for classes [ 17.html ] (Prolog, May 25), [ 18.html ] (Prolog, May 27), [ 19.html ] (presentations, June 1), [ 20.html ] (presentations, June 3).

      Tue May 18 17:37:32 PDT 2004 Answers and grades posted!

      One more session [ 16.html ] on functional programming and LISP and then onward to Logic Programming and Prolog(TBA).

      Don't forget that I need to know about your paper and presentation this week.

      Fri May 14 12:32:56 PDT 2004 Errors found in text book!

      See [ 15.html ] where all is revealed.

      Tue May 11 18:14:02 PDT 2004 Grades and notes published.

      Notes [ 13.html ] have answer to the excellent questions.

      As I expected, the JAva lab proved a little exciting: an Applet would work good on one machine and not even start on another. As I said: write once, debug every where.

      The next language is LISP. Don't forget to study text and my handout [ 320wlisp.html ] (older HTML version) in preparation for [ 14.html ] the next class.

      Thu May 6 15:19:42 PDT 2004 Grades and Notes published.

      I've also updated the resources page to include links to uptodate Java documentation.

      Wed May 5 12:11:37 PDT 2004 News of Java 1.5.0

      I've found the 1.5.0 Beta Documentation [ ] if you are interested in this. Interesting changes in the API with templated Vectors!

      I have updated [ java.html ] my sample documentation on Java.

      Tue May 4 16:12:04 PDT 2004 Today: best and worst

      The answers to the questions [ 11.html ] have been posted. THe grades are posted as well.

      The Good news: the servers seem to becoming reliable again.

      The bad news: I can't waste any more lab time. Try to do as much of [ lab11.html ] as you have time for before the next class. It is mostly a look and think exercise but has some code for you to download and compile at the end.

      Mon May 3 14:08:00 PDT 2004 Java and OO next

      I've just translated the Java handout into HTML and published it [ Java.htm ] but in the process the graphics were lost (a bug in WP10).

      You should make notes and questions on this handout and the reading in the text book ready for class and laboratory on Tuesday.

      Thu Apr 29 14:28:46 PDT 2004 Grades and notes online

      There may be some errors, please check.

      Don't forget to study the start of chapter 6 AND the Java handout before next Tuesdayr.

      Wed Apr 28 14:56:00 PDT 2004 Outline for next three classes ready

      Here are the outlines of the next three classes [ 10.html ] (functions and procedures), [ 11.html ] (intro to OO and Java) [ 12.html ] (more Java). Note: Check in regulalry these may change.

      Tue Apr 27 16:57:10 PDT 2004 Notes on 09 ready

      [ 09.html ]

      Tue Apr 27 13:00:12 PDT 2004 Lab09: 60 minutes extension

      Bring your remove function to my office before the end of the office hour (1:30pm) to get credit. Here [ ] is my solution.

      An out line for session 10 [ 10.html ] is online along with the lab [ lab10.html ] (with some details surpressed).

      14:33:45: Grades posted, notes later this afternoon.

      Mon Apr 26 15:36:09 PDT 2004 Notes 08 and 09 posted

      I typed in answers to questions from the last two classes this morning... also started work on the next lab [ lab09.html ] (a symbol table!) and the outline [ 09.html ] for Tuesdays class.

      Class 8: [ 08.html ]

      16:06:54: Just corrected some typos in notes on section 06.

      Thu Apr 22 13:39:34 PDT 2004 Grades posted

      Thu Apr 22 06:53:10 PDT 2004 Update

      I was not expecting Email about the lab. Every body got full credit.

      Don't forget that I can base my final questions on the lab work.

      Wed Apr 21 06:44:24 PDT 2004 Lab Yesterday

      I have got EMail from many people with correct answer to the debugging exercise. Here is one of the first to arrive(with a good subject line!):
       From: Wen-Yi Shih
       Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 12:59:43 -0700 (PDT)
       Subject: CSCI 620 Lab7
       Name: Wen-Yi Shih
       Script started on Tue Apr 20 12:22:46 2004
       [wshih@jb359-25 cs620]$ diff lab07.cpp lab07-1.cpp
       <               if( f() )
       >               if( t() )
       <               if( f() )
       >               if( t() )
       [wshih@jb359-25 cs620]$ exit
       Script done on Tue Apr 20 12:23:03 2004

      Mon Apr 19 10:31:19 PDT 2004 Outlines of final and next session

      Here [ final.html ] is my current thinking on the form and content of the final.

      Here [ 07.html ] is my current outline for the next class and [ lab07.html ] the laboratory.

    1. 15:54:11 Just discovered we have a FORTRAN 77 compile from those marvelous people who gave us g++. It needs files with a .f suffix and is called g77. Here [ ex5.f ] is a running version of the FORTRAN code on page 134 of our text.

      Thu Apr 15 17:37:39 PDT 2004 Grades and notes have been posted.

      [ ] [ 06.html ]

      The new questions have also been indexed so that you can search for them.

      A Hint about the Final Exam

      Practice using the formal syntax and semantics for languages to work out the meaning of programs!

      I am developing a new language called Minski based on a machine published by Marvin Minski back in the 1960's. I will hand out the formal description of the language and some sample programs one or two weeks before the exam. I will give you another copy in th final for reference purposes. In the final I will give you some programs and ask you to predict what they do by using the syntax and semantics. By the way: the syntax is unlike any other language I've seen. It is designed so that you have to use the rules rather than guess what it does.

      Wed Apr 14 08:28:04 PDT 2004 Small change in strategy

      I will publishing my notes on each class session the day before, see [ 06.html ] for example..... but keeping the exercises and lab work a secret until the start of the class.

      I feel you need to see a translation of the Pseudo-Pascal in chapter 4 into C++ before the class starts.

      The syntax of pascal is in [ pascal.syntax.html ] by the way.

      Tue Apr 13 17:54:05 PDT 2004 Done!

      I've posted the latest grades. I've also updated [ while.html ] to include your most excellent suggestions.... thank you.

      I have typed in my answers to your questions into [ 05.html ] and linked them into the [Search] engine for the CS620 site.

      Thu Apr 8 06:51:43 PDT 2004 Notes/04 updated

      I've added detailed notes on the definitions of product, sum, and function domains based on other books [ 04.html ] that I've used in the past.

      Tue Apr 6 17:20:12 PDT 2004 Grade sand notes 04 published

      I've written up our discussion today in [ 03.html ] and posted the grades in the usual place -- and fixed a bug in the grade selector program.... please test it.

      I've done some work on the next discussion section [ 04.html ] and am working on the lab.

      Fri Apr 2 16:27:55 PST 2004 Outlines for 03 and 04 online

      I'm still working on [ 03.html ] and [ 04.html ] but they are getting better.

      Thu Apr 1 18:13:13 PST 2004 First Grades posted!

      Do you have your 3 letter Id handy? Then follow the [Grading] link at the top of this page.

      Thu Apr 1 16:34:39 PST 2004 Second set of notes posted

      Answers to questions and lab exercises have been posted in [ 02.html ] and the notes on [ 01.html ] have been revised.

      I've got an outline of the next class started [ 03.html ] as well.

      By the way, with every batch of new material I update the data base (an HTML file) that the search engine uses so you can search for all answers to questions contain syntax say and get a collection of places to look for clues.

      Tue Mar 30 12:08:12 PST 2004 First session+Lab

      Notes: [ 01.html ] + outline of next class [ 02.html ]

      Tue Mar 30 07:51:36 PST 2004 Finalizing the Syllabus

      [ syllabi.html ]

      Thu Mar 25 14:46:15 PST 2004 First draft schedule in place

      I've got the preparation grading assigned and some of the labs. Follow link "[Schedule]" at top of page. You can almost certainly copy/paste the table on that page into a text or spreadsheet on a PC, workstation, or PDA.

      Tue Mar 23 12:45:03 PST 2004 Started to develop this CS620 web site

      Also a syllabus and schedule.

    . . . . . . . . . ( end of section CSci620 Programming Language Theory) <<Contents | Index>>


  1. BNF::="Backus-Naur Form", for syntax and grammar, developed by Backus and Naur.
  2. EBNF::="Extended " BNF.
  3. HTML::= "HyperText Markup Language", used on the WWW.
  4. HTML_page::syntax= "<HTML>" head body.
  5. Java::="An " OO " Language from Sun".
  6. LISP::= "LISt Processing Language".
  7. LRM::="Language Reference Manual".
  8. OO::="Object-Oriented".
  9. Prolog::="Programming in Logic".
  10. TBA::="To Be Announced".
  11. UML::="Unified Modeling Language".
  12. URL::=Universal_Resource_Locator,
  13. Universal_Resource_Locator::syntax= protocol ":" location, where
    1. protocol::= "http" | "ftp" | "mailto" | ... ,
    2. location::= O( "//" host) O(pathname).

    (End of Net)
  14. WWW::= See, index to web site for this class.
  15. XBNF::="eXtreme" BNF, developed by the teacher from EBNF, designed to ASCII input of syntax, semantics, and other formal specifications.

Formulae and Definitions in Alphabetical Order