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    The Z (pronounce Zed) language is a formal specification language that makes it easier to write mathematical description of complex dynamic systems such as software. The descriptions a usually smaller and simpler than any programming language can provide, and also contain a mixture of formal and informal parts.

    Z was developed in Paris, France and Oxford, England.




    The official source is the Oxford University Archive Z-grammar[z] in the UK.



    Spivey 88



    Local Rattle Bags of Reseources

    [] Z[methods] [zguide.tex] [zstandard1.0.dvi]



    [] [] []

    A true type Z and VDM font is available from the Data Security Group ftp site: [index.html] []


    Here's a file called "lib.tar.gz" which has some fonts in it. [index.htm]


    Text: [Zedfont.README]

    BinHexed for Mac: [Zedfont.sea.hqx]

    Windows [] [windows.font.uu]

    Z via Tex and HTML

    zed.sty [html-z.html]

    Typing Z in LaTeX</A> (27 Nov 1995) Andy Harry at National Physical Laboratory( )

    Tools for Z

    tools[z] [tools] []

    C++ to Z




    jonathan.bowen [jonathan.bowen.html]

    Roger Jones, at home: [rbj.htm]

    VDM vs Z

    vdm[z] [UMCS-93-8-1.html]

    "Understanding the differences between {VDM} and {Z}", by I. J. Hayes and C. B. Jones and J. E. Nicholls", ACM Software Engineering News V19n3(Jul 94)pp75..81

    Books and Papers

    [bib.html] Bryant 90, Dick Krause & Cozens 90, Flynn Hoverd & Brazier 90, Gravell 90, Hepworth 90, Ince 88a, Johnson & Sanders 90, Lano & Breuer 90, McDermid 89, Nicholls 90, Smith A 90, Spivey & Sufrin 90, Spivey 88, Spivey 89, Rushby & Henke 92, Woodcock & Loomes 88, Woodcock 89b

    Usenet newsgroup

    comp.specification.z [news://comp.specification.z]

    EMail archive

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