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SWI-Prolog 3.3

Reference Manual

Updated for version 3.3.9, June 2000

Jan Wielemaker

SWI-Prolog is a Prolog implementation based on a subset of the WAM (Warren Abstract Machine). SWI-Prolog was developed as an `open' Prolog environment, providing a powerful and bi-directional interface to C in an era this was unknown to other Prolog implementations. This environment is required to deal with XPCE, an object-oriented GUI system developed at SWI. XPCE is used at SWI for the development of knowledge-intensive graphical applications.

As SWI-Prolog became more popular, a large user-community provided requirements that guided its development. Compatibility, portability, scalability, stability and providing a powerful development environment have been the most important requirements. `Edinburgh', Quintus, SICStus and the ISO-standard guide the development of the SWI-Prolog primitives.

This document gives an overview of the features, system limits and built-in predicates.
Copyright © 1990-2000, University of Amsterdam

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Dr. Richard Botting 2001-12-12