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Final copies of standards are usually sold to provide money to develop and improves standards. Drafts of Standards have been made available on the web as part of the public comment process. There are also working papers, newsgroups, and transalation and interpreteations on the World Wide Web.


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    Much interesting discussion and news appears in the Usenet comp.std.c++ newsgroup. It has a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the standardization of C++. Comp.std.c++ is moderated. (Policy). To submit articles: try just posting with your news-reader. If that fails, use Send comments about the group to

    I archive some news items in an ASCII Mailbox.

    STL: The Standard Template Library

    See Silicon Graphics STL Page ( Thanks to stephan beal for correcting this link).

    ANSI/ISO C++ Draft Standards

    C++ ISO drafts can be found via the ANSI web site: (Thanks to (Vince Ryan) who updated this link)
    I have a local copy of the HTML version. A translation of the syntax in this draft into MATHSis also held here.
    Here are some more pointers to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 Committee Draft Working Papers (if still on the World Wide Web). may found by following these pointers: Mike Stump's Home Page,

    ANSI Working Papers

    Pointers to the newest draft set of working papers can be found (if released!) at WWW.Cygnus.Com The January 1996 version exists but can only be viewed by members of the relevant committees.

    Mike Stump wrote:

    The April 95 working papers are (or were) here: CSci, CSUSB(here) , the Netherland, and Germany.
    For Windows users Berrie Bloem( has made a WinHelp version of the April 95 Standard available.

    The previous set of Working papers for September 1995 have been down loaded to CSUSB from Mike Stump's Home Page.

    Syntax Summaries

    I try to maintain a hypertext summary of the syntax from the latest draft C++ standard.
    The C-style syntax for April 95, September 1995 and December 1995 are available at this site. I also have a syntax summary for the 1990 Annotated Reference Manual on this server.

    Acknowledment. I got a lot of info from the comp.lang.c++.std Usenet newsgroup, and in particular: John Max Skaller <> and Mike Stump <>. Remaining errors on this page are my own.

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