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    About Richard J Botting's Site

    I am a senior member of the faculty in the School of Computer Science and Engineering(CSE), in the College of Natural Science(CNS) at the California State University, San Bernardino(CSUSB). I have been working and/or playing with computers since my father worked on a large analog computer in the 1950's. See [ vignette.html ] for a quick description of my credentials.

    I am very interested in how people develop software: the methods, processes, tools, languages, etc. So this site has a lot of information on software engineering and other ways of developing software -- one size does not fit all. I focus on

    1. How people currently develop software.
    2. How to develop better software.
    3. How to better develop software.

    If you have nothing else to do please select the "Fortune Cookie" link on the index/home page.

    I apologize, in advance, for the spelling and typing on these pages.

    If you want to make a contribution look for this [click here [socket symbol] About if you can fill this hole] link which lets create a web page using my tools and if you like the result submit for publication -- no HTML please.

    Site Plan

    1. My Teaching: [ index.html#Teaching ] [ teaching.html ] and [ syllabus.html ]
    2. My Research: [ research.html ] [ blog.html ] [ bib.php ] (Bibliography) [ lab.html ] [ maths/ ] [ samples/ ] [ papers/ ] [ publications/ ] [ maths/intro_copyright.html ]
    3. My Service activities: [ index.html#Service ]
    4. Myself [ index.html#Personal ] [ me.html ]

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