Recent Publications

  • "ROOT Project: An Integration of an OOA/D Methodology in the Computer Science Curriculum," Proceedings of the 4th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (SCI'2000) , Orlando, FL, Jul 2000. (R. Botting and D.D. Scroggins, co-authors).

  • "GTSS: A Java-Based Generic Tutorial System for the Sciences," Proceedings of the Practical Applications of Java (PA Java'2000) , Manchester, U.K., Apr 2000. (J. Torner, C. Stanton, K. Wang, and S. McKaskle, co-authors).

  • "Algorithma 99: An Experiment in Reusability and Component-Based Software Engineering," Proceedings of the 31st SIGCSE Symposium, Austin, TX, Mar 2000. (N. Leach and A. Knight, co-authors).

  • "Distributed and Parallel Computation on the Object-Based Spider System," Proceedings of the Philippine Conference on Computer Science , Manila, Philippines, Dec 1999. (H-S. Yuh, co-author).

  • "Managing the Software Development by Using the Recursive Multi-Threaded (RMT) Tool," Proceedings of the 30th Tools USA Conference , Santa Barbara, CA, Aug 1999. (C-P Lin and S. Simon, co-authors).

  • "The RMT (Recursive Multi-Threaded) Tool: A Computer Aided Software Engineering Tool for Monitoring and Predicting Software Development Progress," Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Software Engineering, Los Angeles, CA, May 1999. (C-P Lin and S. Simon, co-authors).

  • "Algorithma 98: An Algorithm Animation Project," Proceedings of the 30th SIGCSE Symposium, New Orleans, LA, Mar 1999. (L. Cummins, E. Moran, and M. Do, co-authors).

  • "Using an Object-Oriented Software Life-Cycle Model in the Software Engineering Course," Proceedings of the 29th SIGCSE Symposium, Atlanta, GA, Feb 1998.

  • "Developing the VLSI Design Laboratory for the Computer Architecture Course," Proceedings of the 27th SIGCSE Symposium, Philadelphia, PA, Feb 1996. (D. Millican, co-author).